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El MIo Cid History

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

El Cid (1043 - 1099)

In Spain, a country with a history rich in both bravery and sainthood, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar "El Cid" is deservingly regardedas the quintessencial hero, the ideal Spaniard incarnating all the noblest qualities the Spanish people love best.

El Cid, the title by wich he was known (from the Arabic Sidi, my Lord) was born a nobleman in the small Castilian Village of Vivar (Burgos). Unjustly banished from his domains by the King, he, with a small group of loyal vassals, rode deep into Muslim territory conquering vast lands and turning them into Castilian provinces. Mortally wounded in battle defending the town of Valencia, he died at the age of fifty six. His epic deeds, sung in the poem "El Mio Cid", earned him enormous wealth, glory ans lasting fame as the bravest and fairest of leathers. Almost a millennium after his passing his memory remains fresh in countless books. A 1960's film about his life starring Charles Hesston and Sophia Loren was recently reissued and Placido Domingo recently sung the title roll of Massent's opera "Le Cid" at The Washington Opera.

In naming this restaurant after him, we committed ourselves to keeping his same high standars for our decidedly much more mundane endeavors.

El Mio Cid Restaurant
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